‚ÄčSince 1984

Programs are re-evaluated regularly to reflect changes within the Child Care and Early Years Act and ideologies on early childhood education.  Our staff attend workshops to review our program content.  At regular intervals throughout the year, a newsletter will be sent home informing you of events the staff have organized as well as topics of interest.

Qualified Staff

Better Beginnings teachers are experienced and educated in the provision of care for young children.  They are dedicated to the fulfillment of your child's needs for care, knowledge, creativity.

Better Beginnings Daycare and Preschool attempts to provide a positive learning environment for your child to enhance his or her development.  Through play experiences and the guidance of specially trained staff, your child will be exposed to situations that will stimulate:

  • Curiosity, initiative and independence
  • Self-esteem and decision-making capabilities
  • Interaction with, and respect for others
  • Physical activity that develops gross-motor skills
  • Communication skills
  • Fine motor development

Our Staff